Turn breathe in on/off
Turn breathe out on/off
Turn heartbeat on/off
Turn tick on/off
Turn hi-hats on/off
Turn wind on/off
Turn mile markers on/off
Turn chain sounds on/off
Turn music loop on/off
Change to a different music loop
Turn altitude notes on/off
Pentatonic: more musical (5 notes)
Chromatic: more descriptive (12 notes)
Major/Minor: current key (7 notes)
  • Settings
    Customise the audio for this ride
  • Hide
    Hide/show the interface
  • Hints ON
    Toggle tooltip hints on or off
  • Pause the ride
  • Play the ride
  • Stop the ride and return to the start
Reset trim to beginning
Your current position during playback
Duration of your current selection
Reset trim to end
Drag to move the
start point
Drag to move the
end point
  • Elevation
    Display elevation in the graph
  • Display speed in the graph
  • 00:00
  • 0mi
  • 0ft
  • 0mph
Drag right to speed up playback
(faster playback contains less detail)

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